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      10323 Santa Monica Blvd,
      Suite 111
      Los Angeles, CA 90025

      About Us

      Psychological Assessment Services

      Psychological Assessments (psychodiagnostic testing) can distinguish the psychological and neurological contributions to behavior essential to diagnosis and treatment. Assessment reports are needed for many medical, legal or employment purposes. Our growing awareness of ADHD in adults and children deserves more concern and treatment. When faced with concerns regarding performance in school, psychoeducational testing may be warranted. It can help students of all ages who are struggling academically to determine possible learning disabilities and assist them in receiving testing accommodations. We also privide a wide range of services to the medical, legal and employment fields.

      Dr. Tansman  will first gather all relevant history and current symptoms. Testing will then be tailored to the referral question which results in a cost effective process. After testing is completed, a comprehensive report with recommendations will be provided and any questions or concerns will be addressed. She is able to conduct clinical interviews remotely via zoom for many adult patients.

      Accepted Payment Methods

      • Cash
      • Check
      • Credit Card

      Our Specialties

      Concerns Addressed

      • Learning Disabilities
      • Autism Spectrum Disorder
      • Behavioral, Educational and Social Issues
      • Accuracy of Previous Diagnoses
      • ADHD Diagnoses 
      • Employment Performance and Ability
      • Psychosis and Mental Illness
      • ADA Accomodations

      Patients Treated

      • Preschoolers (4 to 6)
      • Children (6 to 10)
      • Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)
      • Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
      • Adults

      Meet the Practitioner

      Mara Tansman Psy.D., QME

      Doctor of Psychology

      Dr. Tansman is a California licensed Psychologist since 2000. Specializing in psychological assessments and report writing in a range of clinical, educational and forensic settings. She became a California Qualified Medical Evaluator in 2011.

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