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      Forensic Psychology Expert Witness

      Forensic Psychology Expert Witness Los Angeles

      Dr. Tansman has appeared as an expert witness to testify about a patient's cognitive, emotional, or mental health status as a result of workplace physical injuries, traumatic events, learning disabilities, or patient’s medical history.  As a forensic psychologist expert witness, she can also evaluate a patient’s ability to make medical decisions, give informed consent, and competency in estate planning and will disputes.

      Using intellectual and neuropsychological testing Dr. Tansman can prepare an independent report detailing the assessment of an individual’s current mental status, depression or anxiety levels, memory, attention deficits, learning issues, processing speed, and abstract reasoning. She has also consulted for cases involving workplace injuries, post-traumatic stress, and workers’ compensation evaluations. These assessments are vital in determining ability to continue employment, to make informed decisions and assess possible danger to themselves or others

      As a forensic psychology expert witness, Dr. Tansman has the appropriate academic credentials and years of experience to support her opinions. She will consult with attorneys to determine her qualifications for the testing required and has previously been deposed and appeared in court to support her conclusions.

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